july 4th 2016

Pulse – One week later, emblematic of what our society has become, an armed camp

My city, Orlando, is still recovering from the aftermath of the Pulse shootings. Fourty-nine victims plus the shooter are dead, and there is at least one survivor still in critical condition. The photo leading this post was taken a week after the shootings. Law enforcement was still surrounding the Pulse night club (it’s logo standing above the mobile command center). Further south, old-school news was camped out, ghoulishly sucking up every scrap of news for its very own survival. I became so sick about all the “ain’t it awful” stories published and broadcast in the aftermath.

I have a few more photos I took that week after, and you can look here if you want (https://wbeebe.smugmug.com/Pulse). And if you don’t want to, I understand. I had to stop after a while.

Pulse reminds me once more how full of hate the world is. Not just the shooter. That was bad enough. But the politicians, specifically the Republicans, who want to take advantage of the shooting tragedy and do nothing about gun control and everything else wrong about banning all who aren’t white, Christian, and straight. Their continuing reaction underscores how vital it is to keep Trump out of the White House and kick as many Republicans out of government as we can, from our state houses to the Congress.

Robert Reich writes it best with his “Americans have forgotten the meaning of patriotism.” It’s an important read this July 4th.

That Second Amendment

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Everyone focuses on the third and forth parts of that sentence, not the first and second parts. It should be noted that the words “well regulated” are a key preface to the second amendment, as those drafting the Constitution realized through direct experience just how important a well regulated militia truly was. And yet, when we talk about the second amendment today, “well regulated” and “Militia” are totally ignored. We want the right without having to be burdened with the responsibilities and requirements.

Quote taken from Cornell University Law School’s Legal Information Institute.