rni films

I installed RNI Films from the App store, based on the recommendation from “iOS Apps for the Serious Mobile Photographer” on ThePhoblographer. RNI provides the ability to apply filmic looks to digital photos. It has in-app purchases for what are called negative packs to create additional film looks. I took one of my photos used in the last post and applied RNI’s Afga Optima 200 Warm to the image. I actually like how it looks, especially the treatment of the red flowers.

Unfortunately one issue I already have with RNI is my inability to select 16:9 trimming. I suppose I’ll run it through Photos first to trim it.

RNI’s not the first app to apply film filters to an image. The article recommends VSCO, which I’ve had for some time and also has a boat-load of film(-like) filters, having first purchased it years ago for my Samsung Galaxy S4 on Android. VSCO is difficult to move photos into and out of, so much so that it now sits pretty much idle on both my iPhone and iPad. RNI has no such difficulties and allows me to work directly with my camera roll, much like every other post processing app I have (Snapseed, Stackables, Photos, and Google Photos).