rni files, part 2

June 5, 2016

More from RNI Film. The original photo was taken around noon local time in mixed shade. Lots of contrast all around. On the left the Agfa Optima 200 Warm filtration has been applied as in the prior post. On the right is a filter from the Vintage collection, Technicolor 2.

The reds in particular are treated significantly differently between the two filters. Shadows are a bit more open with the Agfa filter, and as is obvious in the name, there’s a pleasant warm shift. The Technicolor is a more neutral, contrastier, and cooler filter. In order to get to this final image I first post processed in Snapseed to adjust the perspective and make the columns and arches “properly” vertical. The output from that operation was then processed in RNI.

I wish I could string my iOS tools together automatically to accomplish this, or have a way to call RNI if needed from Snapseed, passing the output from Snapseed to RNI. I can call NIK Software tools, the ancestor of Snapseed, from Lightroom on my PC. I’d like similar capability on my iPhone please Apple.