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Fedora 24 in VirtualBox on OS X

Fedora 24, running in VirtualBox, on OS-X

I installed Fedora 24 last night using VirtualBox 5.0.22 on my MBP running OS X 10.11.5. It was remarkable for several reasons, not the least being just how easy it was to get this Fedora 24 up and running. For anyone interested in doing the same, the steps are straightforward enough:

  • install VirtualBox, making sure you’ve also downloaded the VirtualBox Additions ISO┬áthat matches the VirtualBox version you’re installing
  • install Fedora as a guest VM inside VirtualBox
  • update Fedora after the initial installation using dnf
  • install gcc and kernel-devel using dnf
  • reboot/restart the Fedora VM
  • mount the VirtualBox Additions ISO so that the Fedora VM can see it at /run/media/fedora/VBOXADDITIONS…
  • run on the mounted ISO as root
  • reboot the VM and, at a minimum, pick a better VM desktop resolution than 1024×768; I chose 1360×768

If you’ve enabled shared folders between the Fedora VM and OS X, then make sure to add your Fedora login account to the vboxsf group with the usermod (sudo usermod -G vboxsf [account name]) command. This will give you filesystem rights to read/write to the mounted shared folder.

Right after getting Fedora 24 up I installed Vivaldi. It’s not in any repo so you have to download the RPM. Before you do that, you have to add a library dependency, I discovered that dnf will do that nicely with “sudo dnf install”. It did all the gnarly work of looking up what applications needed to be installed that included that library and then installed it (turns out it was an X screen saver). In the past I had to go find this by searching on the web. So it’s nice to find that particularly rough edge smoothed off. It would have been even better if rpm had linked in with dnf and offered to install that dependency for you along with Vivaldi, shortening the installation even further.

I haven’t tried every Linux distribution, but the main ones I have tried (Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, Arch Linux ARM) have been quite easy to install and maintain and a real pleasure to use. They have all provided critical up-to-date tools (especially Fedora, Ubuntu, and Arch Linux) and features across all the platforms I work on. In the past I used to whine about Linux’s inability to play back DVDs or display Flash video. Today DVDs have been replaced by streaming, and anything worth streaming comes across via HTML5, which all the Linux browsers support. As time has marched on I’ve discovered DVD/BlueRay and Flash playback has grown completely irrelevant.

What I’ve learned and come to fully appreciate is that Linux does something far more valuable than acting as a platform for merely consuming content; it’s an open, powerful, flexible, and valuable platform for unbounded creative use.


June 16, 2016

President Obama made a visit to Orlando today to eulogize both the victims of the Pulse massacre. During his visit he also visited some of the shooting victim’s families. I listened to part of the speech while driving home west on the 408.


  1. violently break (something) into pieces.
  2. move so as to hit or collide with something with great force and impact.

Our community has been smash into a lot of pieces. The world has been homing into Orlando, like sharks attracted to bloody flesh in the ocean. Today I had lunch at a local restaurant that has “smash” as part of its name. It just seemed appropriate.

out in the light

June 15, 2016

Florida is full of bright light this time of the year. It bathes everything and saturates the colors (perhaps not as wildly is the red color channel in the lower photo). The upper photo reminds me of a jungle setting, perhaps on another more primitive world. These are the little things that add pleasure to an all-too crazy world.

lunch 15 june

June 15, 2016

Four Rivers Smokehouse, University Drive

My crazy schedule has kept me pretty busy and away from the downtown area where the Pulse shootings took place this past weekend (which seems like a lot more time has passed). Today at lunch there were these small posters supporting Pulse, as well as the ability to round up your meal to the nearest dollar. That extra went to a fund for the the survivors and the relatives of those who died. Great BBQ. Even greater company. This is the kind of excellent BBQ I ate while in Austin/Ft. Hood on business last year.

a weekend of hell

June 12, 2016

Bloodmobile at St. Luke’s United Methodist. Lots of calls for blood donations on Sunday.

I don’t even know where to begin. It was bad enough late Friday with the shooting of 22 year old Christina Grimmie after her performance. A little more than twenty-four hours later, at 2am Sunday, one Omar Mateen from Ft. Pierce Florida drove up to the Pulse club on Orange and Kaley and proceeded to kill 50 people before he was killed by police. Orlando now has he dubious distinction of being the worst U.S. mass shooting. The city of Orlando and surrounding Orange County have been in a state of emergency. That meant controlled access all around, especially around the scene of the massacre. The section of Orange in front of the Pulse will remain in lockdown through Monday as various state and federal agencies continue to gather evidence.

Fifty people. Dead. A new grim record for this country.

Meanwhile the Republicans, led by that festering sack of human excrement known as Donald Trump, pontificate about how terrible a tragedy it is, side-stepping the critical fact that once again a hate crime was carried out with a legally purchased AR-15 assault rifle. Trump goes further, saying that it was caused by our lax immigration, ignoring the fact the assailant was born in the US.

If you’d like to read an excellent editorial on the hypocrisy of all of this and all the prior shootings, and how we as a nation need to do more than just give out patronizing thoughts and prayers to the survivors, then you should read John Scalzi’s “Thoughts and Prayers” on his blog. It will rip your heart out.