You can’t have a bunch of dry-as-toast posts about programming the Raspberry Pi in C++, no matter how exciting I think the RPi is, without posting about some cats. So here is the first of two cat posts.

This first post is about little Victoria, who is just four weeks old at this point in time. She was adopted by my vet’s office when she was brought in by another client. At that time little Victory was about five days old, her eyes still closed. She’d been found by that client’s Labrador Retriever, who’d soft-mouth carried the little kitten to the Lab’s person. Since being brought in the staff have been looking after her, bottle feeding her until she’s old enough to switch off to more solid food. In the mean time the staff bring Victoria out to mix, however briefly, with those True Cat Persons. Since the vet staff knows what a soft touch I am with cats, they let me hold her briefly in her blanket after she’d been fed. Because of all the human attention Victoria is extremely socialized and loves to look up and purr.

In about four weeks Victoria is going to need a forever home. If you’re interested let me know in the comments.