gingersnaps report

Second cat post, this time about the Florida Gingersnaps. The real reason for the vet visit where I met little Victoria was to have the Gingersnaps weighed and their claws trimmed. At nearly eight months of age, Luke (in front above) now weighs 10 pounds, while Beau (in back) weighs a more svelte 9.4 pounds. Considering how Luke looks like a mirror image of his mom Sunshine, and how Sunshine was a thirteen pound adult, I can see how Luke would follow his mom not just in looks but in overall size and weight.

They’re still quite loving and playful, and when resting like they are above, they still like to cuddle together. After eight months I assume the two will keep up the cuddling behavior for as long as they’re living together, which I hope is many years to come. They both still allow me to pick them up in my arms and gently rub their stomachs until they purr like motorboats. My wife says it was Lucy who looked down from heaven and picked them out, and I believe that as they purr just like she did; loud and continuous. I’d sit here and gush quite a bit more but it’s the Memorial weekend and I’m already tasked to do other things. Perhaps later this weekend.

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