pet alliance of greater orlando

May 22, 2016

pet alliance of central florida

The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando is the replacement for the ASPCA of Greater Orlando. My wife and I came across a little showing of the group while we were out and about Saturday. They’d set up in Bar Louie on Sand Lake. The group responsible for Pet Alliance has as one of its goals, total transparency as a non-profit. I also discovered that they’re now a no-kill shelter. That’s something I care deeply about. I was there only a few moments, but we purchased a few items, made a small donation, and I grabbed some four-footed photos.

flower child
beers and barkers

I have a very strong attachment to my animals that carries over to those of other people. It’s why I’m attracted to organizations like Pet Alliance. Having pets makes me more human because it brings out the “better angles” of my nature. I am always saddened and horrified by stories of abuse against animals of all types. We humans have such a terrible and destructive power over all other creatures on this planet. As I grow older my desire to protect them as as much as possible grows stronger, especially from the indifferent and cruel parts of humanity. Both my grown girls have pets, and their partners have pets as well. They were born into, and grew up with pets in our household. My wife and I set a good example with a loving environment for both girls and Labs (as it was Labs we’ve had). It took hold with the girls.

Here’s to Pet Alliance’s success, now and forever in the future.