contemplative photography

May 22, 2016

I’m working with every camera I have in my possession as much as possible, especially the camera built into the iPhone 6s Plus. Both of these were taken using the iPhone within walking distance during lunch today, one at a local Wendy’s and the other at a Pollo Tropical. I’ve been influenced in part by Miksang contemplative photography, and more significantly by Matthew Robertson of Toronto Canada. It’s Matthew that got me interested in reading the Miksang book “Looking and Seeing.” I’ve tried, on and off, to follow the philosophy but it seems I don’t quite get it. I certainly appreciate the work of those that do, such as Matthew.

Regardless, there are times in Florida where the broad daylight is glorious. This was one of those days, and I happened to see these two perspectives. In a way I don’t care if their “official” Miksang or not.