nokia shenanigans

nokiaChatter around the web has Microsoft selling the feature phone side of Microsoft Nokia to a subsidiary of Foxconn for $350 million. Then Nokia is licensing its “strategic brand and intellectual property” to HMD global, one of the same participants with Foxconn buying the feature phone business. Looks like Nokia is looking to re-enter the mobile hardware business with feature and smart phones as well as tablets. And all of these new Nokia devices will be running Android.

Which begs the question of why Nokia sold its mobile phone business to Microsoft in the first place. The two executives responsible for this on-going tragedy, Stephen Elop (formerly of Microsoft, then formerly of Nokia, and then formerly of Microsoft again) and Steve Ballmer are no longer at Microsoft. Both left with considerable golden parachutes, while the tens of thousands of lower-level Nokia employees have been cut over time with far less rewards. An entire business destroyed because of Ballmer’s ego and gross mismanagement of mobile.

It will be interesting to see if Nokia can be truly resurrected. I know I personally will never buy another Nokia device, having long since left it for HTC, then Samsung, and finally (finally!) Apple. That’s not to say I won’t ever leave Apple, but if I did, I’d never go back to Nokia. I’d sooner do without than buy another Nokia mobile phone or other device.