back to using the iphone for posting

Although I’ve had my Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard for some number of months, I’ve not done much more with it than using it for the occasional tweet or text message. The one long post I wrote was back when I first purchased the keyboard.

Today I decided to put that lazy use to an end. Everything I need for writing and posting on WordPress, including the use of photographs, is in two convenient carry-anywhere packages, the iPhone and the keyboard. By dribs and drabs I’ve grown used to using the various individual pieces, especially the photographic tools (built-in camera and apps) that are a part of the iPhone. Couple that with the realization that my data plan is big enough, cheap enough, and my posts are not streaming video (not yet!) and there is no excuse other than inertia for not using the iPhone far more than I’m currently using it.

One key component of this is the WordPress app itself. It’s needed a few more tweaks and updates to make it easier to use. I can now say with reasonable confidence that using the WordPress app won’t cause horrible issues with blog postings. And if it does, I can always go back in with the heavy-duty MBP and Vivanti and clean things up to my final satisfaction. But for the most part, as long as I have some sort of wireless connectivity I can post from my iPhone.

And I need to start posting more, from the “within the moment” moment…