four months on, i like my apple watch

first generation apple watchI’ve had my Apple Watch since Christmas of 2015 when my wife gave it to me as a gift. I wasn’t sure if I wanted it, having been influenced unduly by the infinite echo chamber of the Internet about how bad it might be, or if not bad, then what good was it for anyway? But rather than be an ungrateful jerk, and considering how much my wife paid for it even on sale, I humbly and gratefully accepted it and learned how to work with it. I am, after all, a hard-core geek, and this device is a bona-fide wrist computer to entice the hardest of core geeks. How much a computer is it?

  • CPU – Apple S1, 32-bit ARMv7, 520MHz
  • Graphics – PowerVR SGX543
  • Memory – 512MB
  • Storage – 8GB

It is, in short, more capable than my AMD Athlon-based tower PC I built from parts purchased from NewEgg in the early 2000s. That machine had an Athlon 32-bit X86 processor, ATI 9700 graphics card, 16GB DRAM, and a pair of 520GB 7200RPM drives. The OS was Windows XP. This was considered a high-end gaming machine at the time. Now it sits over in the corner; I haven’t powered it up since before 2010.

Now I have the equivalent processing power literally strapped to my wrist in the Apple Watch, running a far better OS than Windows XP ever was. I charge it up every evening when I take it off for the evening, although if I’m traveling or forgetful, it will easily run two days, and nearly three, between charges. When it does charge it does so quickly, usually back up to 100% in a little over an hour.

The Apple Watch doesn’t run any kind of video games like my old rid did; I don’t want it to. Instead it runs something a lot more useful to me, medical software in conjunction with my iPhone. It does it reliably, day in and day out. I’ve had this device strapped to my wrist nearly every day since I’ve unpacked it, and it has not yet failed. No reboot, no failures to perform. Everything has worked flawlessly, both standalone and in conjunction with my iPhone. It’s practically perfect in every way. What more could a rational person ask for?