vote the bern

March 15, 2016

I voted today in the Democratic primary for Bernie Sanders. Why I did I wrote about the day before. Today was the day to “walk the walk.” I’m now curious to see how the candidates fare, both Republican and Democrat. I have no idea how the Republican side may vote, but on the Democratic side, all I can say is this: I hope that if Clinton does win, it’s by a far tighter margin than the polls indicate. The polls have been a mess this election season on both political parties, especially the Republican side. It’s going to be an interesting wait until the polls close…


I’m deeply disappointed in, but not surprised by Clinton’s wins today, especially in Florida. I’m also not surprised by how Rubio got smoked by Trump. Because Rubio won’t run for re-election, there’s the possibility a Democrat might get elected as Senator. You never know.

And I was pleasantly surprised by Kasich’s win in Ohio. Kasich’s win is a solid smack upside Trump’s overcombed head. I’m hoping against hope that Kasich does become the Republican nominee, but that’s even less likely than Sander’s becoming the Democratic nominee.