standing tall again, looking at what changed in three weeks

March 5, 2016

queueing in line with my new knee

It’s been three weeks since my knee was replaced. During that period the incision has pretty much healed and most of the swelling has gone down. I can stand up straight without any aids, especially in a line like I did for lunch last Friday. I’d gone out for a late lunch after spending a good hour-and-a-half in physical training. While in PT I was measured at 110° flexibility. I was also able to (slowly) spin an a recumbent bike machine, with the bike seat back as far as it cold go. I’m going to start driving around the neighborhood this weekend, to see if I can drive around Orlando in general starting next week. Lots of personal achievements so I celebrated by going out to lunch with my wife at a local Pei Wei and having my usual, sesame chicken with brown rice.

While I was there I also noticed two stores next to the Pei Wei has closed. One of them, the first photo in the sequence below, was a Lime Fresh Mexican Grill. The second was some sort of exercise business. I felt worse about the Lime Fresh because that was my go-to comfort food place when I had my left knee replaced back in 2012.

former lime green another dead store

Life doesn’t stand still for a second. I don’t know why they closed, considering they both were located at the intersection of I-4 and Sand Lake Road, in a shopping center anchored by the only Whole Foods in south west Orlando, just a mile south of Universal Studios. In other words prime real estate and location. Our economy still has problems.