the other knee is fully replaced

full right knee replacment
Dr Steven Nguyen, 12 February 2016

Yesterday (Friday 12 February) I had a full right knee replacement. The doctor who performed the procedure is Dr. Steven Nguyen (Dr. Vuong B Nguyen MD). The operation was treated as an out-patient procedure. I was at the same-day surgery facility at 5:30am, prepped by 7am, done by 8:30am, and back at home by 1:30pm. I’ve been recovering at home since. The facility was just 10 minutes from where I live. That, along with the excellent recommendations of the doctor and the way he performs the procedure, tipped me to going with him for my right knee.

My left knee was a partial performed by Dr. Brian Vickaryous, part of the Cole group at Florida hospital. The biggest difference between the two was the three days I spent in the hospital. I’m a lousy hospital patient and I’m glad that this newest procedure allowed me to go home as soon as I was reasonably lucid. They are both highly skilled surgeons and I’m fortunate to have benefited from their considerable skills in orthopedic surgery.

Dr. Vickaryous and the MAKOplasty robot
Dr. Vickaryous, 2 November 2012