john scalzi made me do it

February 7, 2016

Besides reading his books, I follow the science fiction author John Scalzi on his blog whatever. Yes, it’s really titled whatever. One post of his that led me down the rabbit hole was “The Worldwide Distribution of Scalzis.” I rather innocently clicked the link to Forebears in his post, and well, one thing led to another and now here I am blabbing about the worldwide distribution of Beebes. I’m not nearly as unique as he is (for example I don’t make a successful living writing interesting science fiction that people are willing to purchase) but I suppose I’m unique enough, far more than say Smith or Jones.

About the only other thing we both share is our raising of a pair of kittens. His are a pair of females he’s dubbed the Ohio Scamperbeasts (complete with their own Twitter account @scamperbeasts), while I’ve a pair of ginger males I’ve dubbed the Florida Gingersnaps. Unfortunately my Gingersnaps have just recently discovered the Internet, and through the Internet, the Scamperbeasts, and they’re now asking how much bus fare would cost for the two of them to travel north to Ohio. I told them they could go visit after they get fixed around the start of March. I don’t think Mr. Scalzi would appreciate dealing with a pair of pregnant female cats, especially his beloved Scamperbeasts impregnated by my Gingersnaps…