getting reacquainted with an old friend

iron tulips

I have been using my first Olympus E-M5 again, the one I purchased January 2013. I bought it back when Lucy was still alive. I have the session of her checking it out when I first pulled it out of the shipping box from Amazon. It had developed a crack on the bottom edge of the pull-up LCD, and so I put it in a drawer thinking I’d get it fixed by Olympus, when I could get around to it. It sat in that drawer for a year until I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I pulled it out, put some super glue on the crack, and continued to use it. While the world goes ga-ga over the latest Olympus camera releases, I continue on with the original body that started the current revolution. I still find it’s as good as the day I purchased it.

I’ve taken everything off the body and put on the newest 14-42mm kit zoom, the EZ pancake. With that combination and a spare battery I’ve been going around as light as possible just so I can have something with me a bit more sophistication than the iPhone. No, I’m not backsliding on the iPhone. The built-in camera is still excellent. But I like to have my options open. That’s why I keep turning back to my Olympus cameras.

Today my wife and I went out for Sunday lunch at Chuy’s on I-Drive. I love the place for its food as well as the wild color scheme around the restaurant. I came back home and worked a bit with the raw files using Lightroom 6.4. More to come…

sectionsliving greens

Here’s Lucy checking things out. The other two cats, Lulu and Ellipse, don’t care. The Gingersnaps, now that’s another story. They seem quite curious about my camera gear.

Lucy Checks Out Her New Olympus OM-D