the big silver sea

While out running errands on Orange Blossom Trail, my wife and I came across this “China and Latin” buffet. I’d never seen it before now. While our Spanish is certainly rusty, the name of the place translates into “The Big Silver Sea.” Which I have to assume refers to all the chrome across the top of the building. We didn’t go in, so I have no idea what it’s like to eat at a Spanish-owned combined Chinese and Latin buffet. In fact, I have no idea what a Latin buffet is even like. Maybe one day I’ll decide to live dangerously and give it a try.

Regardless of what I think, I hope they make it as a business. That area out there is still having challenges and there are still plenty of empty businesses from the real estate collapse from the middle of the last decade. If the economy is healing it’s unevenly distributed, especially in and around Orlando.