a doodle milestone

doodle in blue

Annie is now between five and six months. We took her to the vet to get her fixed. As much as I love having a Doodle, I’m not the kind of person who should be breeding them. So we had Annie fixed. Annie has a sister from the litter who will be bred, but not until the sister is two years old.

On Annie’s first day she was wearing the typically stiff plastic cone to keep her from licking the incision. On day two of recovery we got her the more fashionable, and far more comfortable, inflatable blue collar you see her in. I photographed her on Thursday wearing it. By Friday it was fully deflated because Annie twisted the collar around and chewed off the inflation valve. By that time the incision was pretty much healed anyway. Annie was leaping and running around the back yard with Ruby in hot pursuit. I attribute Annie’s quick healing to the use of surgical adhesive rather than stitches. Unless you look very closely you can barely see the incision, and this is less than a week after the operation.

She looks better now anyway. Friday morning I gave her a bath with Furry Couture dog bubble bath, then gave her a good drying with a big, thick towel. She loved it.