ruby’s lonely interlude

Ruby quickly came to realize that Max was gone and wasn’t coming back. It wasn’t like other times when Max had to spend a few days at the vets. This time Ruby knew, like we already knew, that Max was gone for good. Whether she picked it up from us, or figured it out on her own, or some combination thereof, Ruby did know. She fell into an almost human-like depressed state, choosing to curl up in corners of the furniture or spots around the house. From time to time she’d hear other dogs barking and would lift her head expectantly. But she’d quickly figure out it wasn’t Max and put her head back down, her eyes going down into a half-lidded, almost introspective, state. As if she were remembering times past.

I can’t help but feel her loss in this photo.

a quick note, and a short clip of max

MaxLastIcecream from William Beebe on Vimeo.

It’s been a while since the last post about Lucy. Writing about Max is a lot harder than writing about Lucy, and writing about Lucy was hard enough. This very short clip was taken by me at a McDonald’s across the street from our vet. Max loved his ice cream cones and as a final reward we took him over and got him one. I tried to film a longer clip, but was so emotional I couldn’t. But I think this is long enough. There’s no audio; it’s really not needed.

Right after this we went over to the vets and I let him and Lucy go.

I’m slowly coming around to wanting to write again, as well as photography and videography. There’s a lot that’s been happening in the world that affects me from a technological perspective as well, and I feel I need to speak out about that as well. I’ve also been very busy from a job perspective.

It’s time to re-engage with the world through my blogging.