a quick note, and a short clip of max

MaxLastIcecream from William Beebe on Vimeo.

It’s been a while since the last post about Lucy. Writing about Max is a lot harder than writing about Lucy, and writing about Lucy was hard enough. This very short clip was taken by me at a McDonald’s across the street from our vet. Max loved his ice cream cones and as a final reward we took him over and got him one. I tried to film a longer clip, but was so emotional I couldn’t. But I think this is long enough. There’s no audio; it’s really not needed.

Right after this we went over to the vets and I let him and Lucy go.

I’m slowly coming around to wanting to write again, as well as photography and videography. There’s a lot that’s been happening in the world that affects me from a technological perspective as well, and I feel I need to speak out about that as well. I’ve also been very busy from a job perspective.

It’s time to re-engage with the world through my blogging.

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