the orlando eye in may

purple eyeIn spite of all my hope, the Orlando Eye opened while I was away in Japan in April. I saw it the first night I was home, glowing all purple-y against the night sky.

Last night I picked up my dear wife at the airport. She’d spent a week out in Denver with our youngest. On the way back to our home we stopped off for supper at Chuy’s Tex-Mex Restaurant on I-Drive, across the street from Uno’s, and a block north of the main entrance to The Orlando Eye. I’m beginning to like that place, but they need to do something about their tortillas. The best tortillas on I-Drive is, surprisingly, further south at Don Pablos. Sometimes I’ll go to the Dons and get a bowl of praire fire bean dip and a large stack of tortillas. Just for the tortillas.

When we finished the sun had set and The Orlando Eye was lit up once again in that garish purple color. So, naturally, I had to drive over and take a few quick snaps.

While there the place was crowded with tourists. For the time being at least it appears to be a pretty popular destination.

Once again I used the Key Line art filter and some more twiddling in Light Room to get that pseudo-illustrator look.

Perhaps one day I’ll manage to convince myself to take a ride on it. And then again, perhaps not.