rudy’s “country store” and bar-b-q, killeen texas

rudy'sI stopped off at Rudy’s for a bit of bar-b-q after today’s work shift. I picked up a small but filling order of bar-b-q chicken. I sampled a bit of Rudy’s sauces while I was there as well. It was overall a tasty meal.

The chicken was moist and flavorful. I’ve been to too many BBQ places were the chicken was dry and tough. How a BBQ place does its chicken is something of an informal test for me; if it’s done right then I feel comfortable going back. This meal was indeed good enough for a return trip.

I know the store is part of a franchise, with this one of nearly 40 so far scattered through the southwest, the majority in Texas. But the BBQ is pretty good for a franchise. Yes, I’d go back and I will while I’m here.

my meal at rudy's

hopdoddy burger bar

hopdoddy next to precision camera

What is it? A burger bar. A hipster haven. In Austin Texas. Next to Precision Camera. And the burger’s are pretty good. This is a Classic Burger. With a bite taken out of it. That fits my mouth. Would I go back there? Sure.