the tulip photographers

April 11, 2015


While I was in the Spring Magic Garden photographing the tulips, I was also (almost literally) stumbling across more photographers there than you could shake the proverbial stick at. Typical of the photographer is this grandmotherly type you see above with a Nikon D600 mounted on a monopod. When I first saw her I thought that monopod was her cane. And it may serve that purpose as well. But here amongst the tulips it was to help her keep her camera steady as she photographed the lovely tulips with her camera plus zoom. From what I could tell she knew exactly what she was doing and was having a jolly good time doing it.


While in the tulip garden I saw an example of nearly every contemporary make and model; Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Fuji, Sony, and yes, even Olympus and Panasonic. While the majority of the cameras were DSLRs, there were an interesting showing of mirrorless as well, such as the last photo above of the photographer with a Nikon 1 V1 and a DSLR class zoom adapter mounted to the body. I’m assuming he’s using that combination to give the zoom, which appears to be zoomed out a bit, an additional 2.7x magnification. In bright daylight I would imagine he’d get good critical closeups of the tulip blooms without having to be on top of them.

What, exactly, does this go to show? That given the right set of circumstances the Japanese will show their serious cameras, that they seem to purchase all over the map as it were, and that, at least in this case, they outnumbered their smart phone slinging counterparts. For while I did see any number of smart phone cameras, here in this garden the large majority had single-purpose cameras, even so-called point and shoots.

This acts as a counter-point to my earlier gloomy post, “the hard truth about ilc cameras.”


And to show just how far wireless intrudes in our lives and even here in the middle of the park, even here you’ll find some human beings glued to their portable wireless devices while ignoring the beauty around them. I shouldn’t talk as my wife is quick to remind me, because back home I’m always checking the cell phone for something, even when out to eat, and frankly, that’s rude. Seeing it happen out here though was just a little sad. The only reason I don’t do it? I can’t because I don’t have an affordable data plan for Japan.