the stroll

April 11, 2015


This very short story in four photos is an accident. I never intended to take three photos with the same subject in them. I took the first because I thought he was interesting. I didn’t realize he was in two of the others until later this evening as I was going over them. The idea of the (loose) sequence then came together as I put them into the order as you see them now. I like the fact they’re all in black and white. I didn’t convert after the fact in post, I took them all that way.

These were taken in the front, free access area of Kokuei Showa Memorial Park, in the building known as the Hanamidori Cultural Center. There is a gallery at one end, which is where I was walking to when this gentleman and I “crossed paths.” The gallery is currently (at the time of this post’s writing) full of photos and painting of flowers from the garden. The photography in particular puts everything I’ve done to shame. There is some truly keen flower photography talent in and around this area.

All of these photos were taken with the Olympus E-M10 and the Panasonic 14mm f/2.5 pancake. Camera was set to custom monotone (contrast -1, sharpness -1, everything else neutral, and gradation set to high key). I will at times overexpose by up to +1 EV. Images were taken straight out of the camera, with only some cropping in post.

2 responses to the stroll


    Fascinating. Any regrets? It’s amazing that the same person appeared so many times. Did you have a chance to talk?