more blooming in tachikawa

April 9, 2015

new bloomsWhile the white cherry blossoms might have fallen from their trees, there are new plants beginning to show their beauty. Next to my hotel are a double row of what appear to be pink dogwoods beginning to open up. I haven’t seen pink dogwoods since I was living in Georgia, and then very few of them. Here I have a whole plaza full. What’s more I’m seeing pink cherry blossoms beginning to bud as well. The dogwoods add a nice bright touch to an otherwise gloomy environment. It’s been cloudy and wet all week. It got cold enough Wednesday that it snowed, sometimes heavily enough to stick a bit, until mid-afternoon Wednesday. Today is dryer but cold. Seeing the pink dogwoods brought a bit of cheer into my afternoon.

This particular photo was taken with the E-M10 and Panasonic 14mm pancake. The E-M10 was set for Pop Art color. I then brought the JPEG over to my iPad via OI.Share, where I tweaked it a bit more in Pixelmator, cropping it to 16:9 and using the Vintage effect filter.