more blooming in tachikawa

new bloomsWhile the white cherry blossoms might have fallen from their trees, there are new plants beginning to show their beauty. Next to my hotel are a double row of what appear to be pink dogwoods beginning to open up. I haven’t seen pink dogwoods since I was living in Georgia, and then very few of them. Here I have a whole plaza full. What’s more I’m seeing pink cherry blossoms beginning to bud as well. The dogwoods add a nice bright touch to an otherwise gloomy environment. It’s been cloudy and wet all week. It got cold enough Wednesday that it snowed, sometimes heavily enough to stick a bit, until mid-afternoon Wednesday. Today is dryer but cold. Seeing the pink dogwoods brought a bit of cheer into my afternoon.

This particular photo was taken with the E-M10 and Panasonic 14mm pancake. The E-M10 was set for Pop Art color. I then brought the JPEG over to my iPad via OI.Share, where I tweaked it a bit more in Pixelmator, cropping it to 16:9 and using the Vintage effect filter.