kokuei showa memorial park

April 5, 2015

enjoying the cherry blossoms

As of today I’ve spent about a week in Tachikawa Japan. I’m here on business, and I’ve got another 2 1/2 weeks to go. Unlike other business trips this is a more normal work schedule, with regular 8-to-9 hour days with weekends off, unlike YS, where it’s 12 hour days 7/days week. Earlier in the first week I had time to walk over to Kokuei Showa Memorial Park and just enjoy being away from the urban area where my hotel is located.

enjoying the day in the park

These photos, taken in the mid-afternoon, don’t begin to do justice to the park, and I apologize for that. But I did enjoy being away from the dense urban area that completely surrounds the park. For a brief time I was surrounded by budding green trees and blooming cherry and orchid trees. I wasn’t the only person there, not by a long shot, enjoying the day in the park.

at the top of the hill

There’s a built-up structure in the park where the land essentially covers it, producing an artificial hill. I walked up that hill, and looked back into the area where my hotel is located.

With two more weekends here in Japan I’m planning some trips to look at the more memorable sites in Japan. In the mean time I’m walking around the area centered around the Tachikawa train station, using it as a visual anchor, so I don’t get lost.

And before anybody asks, yes, I’ve been to Bic Camera, and no, I’m not buying anything. I’ve got more camera(s) now than I know what to do with. I don’t need more.