cherry blossoms

April 5, 2015


I’ve read, and been told, about the cherry blossom (Yama Sakura is roughly translated as “wild cherry blossom” and was a Kamikaze subunit during WWII) blooming period in Japan. Unfortunately I arrived in Tokyo at the tail end of the period; the peak for Tokyo was late March, a good week before I showed up.

Today was a wet and windy Easter Sunday here in Tokyo. It’d rained the prior evening as a front came through, and the temperature had dropped as well. When I went out for an early walk into the cold morning, I passed this particular cherry tree with many of its petals scattered around it like snow. As you can see below the blossoms are coming to an end, not only on this tree, but on all the trees in the area.


One response to cherry blossoms


    I’ve seen so many amazing images of cherry blossoms from Tokyo, it looks absolutely beautiful there!