a healthy asl cat roams about again

snooze  buddies lucy and max

Lucy has been home now for some few weeks and she’s really beginning to come back around to her old self. We’ve been giving her her medications as a liquid that we can load up into a simple syringe and then squirt into her mouth. If you think that pilling a cat is easy, then you’ve not really tried. So we had the compounding lab that supplies our vet give us her medications in solution. It’s considerably easier and faster to give her a squirt of liquid rather than try to get her mouth open and then somehow drop the pill in.

the can that saved a cat

This was the first food I was able to get Lucy to eat after her near-death experience earlier in February. It’s pure fish in brine. It’s great as far as protein is concerned, not so great due to all the salt. But it got her started eating again, and after a time she started to eat other more conventional canned cat foods.

my picky eater

You’re looking at her current stock of food (above). Before she got so ill she used to eat dry food and then all the Fancy Feast flavors. Since coming back from her illness she’s started eating just the regular salmon Fancy Feast, and has now moved on to the Elegant Medleys, all of them salmon based. The Florentine version seems to be her favorite; I can’t get the Florentine version out of the can fast enough for her. With the return of her appetite has been a surge of her eating, at times three to four cans/day. I don’t mind as her weight dropped to 7.9 pounds from a pre-sickness weight of around 11 1/2 pounds. For a time she was gaunt, looking like she did when she first came into the house in 2008.

Hopefully I can get her back up and “running.” I’m going to be on a three-week business trip starting next week, and I need to get her straightened out as best I can.

A New Way of Photographing

All photos were taken with the Olympus E-M10 and then pulled over, via WiFi and Olympus’ OI.Share. Post processing was done with Pixelmator on an iPad Air 2. I then pushed the final image off my camera roll and up to Flickr via Pixelmator. I would have written the complete blog post on the iPad as well, but I can’t seem to be able to link back with the same ease using the iPad as I can using a regular browser (Firfox in this case) on Window 8.1. But I’m working on learning how. The ability to just move photos off the E-M10 directly to the iPad wirelessly is so sweet and easy compared to the elaborate workflow of using Adobe Lightroom. I have the iOS WordPress app installed. I just need to better understand how to use it. Then I can leave the big Samsung Windows machine behind.

Simplification and traveling light while photographing. That’s one of my top goals for 2015.