ikebukuro station

January 4, 2015

three trains

Trains are a vital part of the Japanese transportation infrastructure. Train stations dot the islands, especially in the major urban areas like Tokyo. One example is Ikebukuro station, right next to my hotel.

Ikebukuro station is a huge train an subway station in Japan, one of many. It’s composed of multiple tracks and loading platforms, overlaid by a huge department store mall (multiple stores in the mall). Both Japan-wide trains as well as subway trains are constantly rolling into and out of this station. The only trains I didn’t see at this station were bullet trains. Maybe next Christmas I’ll ride one of the bullet trains of Japan. But for this trip I took express trains as well as subways from where I worked in Japan. On my last day I took a special express from Ikebukuro to Narita Airport.

ikebukuro station train yards
local train