psa – advanced wifi settings on the samsung galaxy s4, disabling at&t automatic wifi

Screenshot_2014-11-10-12-32-58I use a Samsung Galaxy S4 and have AT&T as my provider. I am, for the most part, satisfied. But when I’m not satisfied, I’m truly annoyed. Two cases in point are auto network switch and auto connect to AT&T WiFi hotspots.

The reason I dislike auto network switch is that it interferes with any attempt use WiFi in a non-standard manner, such as using Olympus’ Image Share with my E-M10, or any WiFi connection that the software deems is “unstable.”

The reason I dislike auto connect to any AT&T WiFi hotspot is that there are so many out there and they are now so poorly maintained that the link is dead, killing the wireless connection when it connects. Or else when you do connect you have to “log into” or “agree” to lawyer weasel-words that remove all liability from the WiFi provider, which is not AT&T, but some other company. In Orlando FL the best example of this is McDonalds’ and their so-called free WiFi.

In both cases I went hunting all over the phone’s configuration menus, trying to find where in the menus I could disable both features. I finally found them with the following steps:

  1. Pull down the notification bar by dragging down from the top edge of the screen.
  2. Touch the gear on the upper right, bringing up Connections.
  3. Touch WiFi on the left. This brings up the list of all known WiFi connections.
  4. Touch the menu key on the lower left, next to the single physical button at the bottom.
  5. Touch Advanced on the menu.
  6. You’ll see the screen shown at the top left. If Auto network switch and Auto connect have checks, touch both to uncheck them and turn them off.