the dr. phillips performing arts center is almost finished

November 2, 2014

side signThe Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center is nearly finished. It’s scheduled to open this Thursday, November 6th. I hope my wife and I can at least attend some of the opening festivities. I’d surely like to photograph the grand opening. Of all the events that have happened in this city this to me is probably the most positive, if not the most significant.

magnolia and anderson

dr. phillips main entranceI had wanted to track the progress of this construction project a lot more closely than I did. Unfortunately, life got in the way, such as my left knee replacement late 2012 and my layoff mid-2013. My life has certainly been busy this past few years. What follows are a few of the moments I did capture since I started to pay attention around four years ago.

Looking downtown

An empty field and a single crane, September 2010.

Deep Construction

Just a hole in the ground, February 2012

The Pit - Dr. Phillips Arts Center

The hole begin to fill, April 2012

Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center

Steel begins to rise for what will become the main entrance, June 2012

Dr. Phillips Art Center 13 Oct 2012

The overall structure begins to rise, October 2012

Dr. Phillips Art Center 13 Oct 2012

The awnings begin to arrive, October 2012


The awnings begin to go up, January 2013