the one that got away

peaking outFor a brief period (about two weeks) I was in possession of a Panasonic GX7. A black body only that I’d picked up on sale from Amazon. It turned out for a number of reasons not to be a good purchase, and I returned it.

But not because of image quality. The three images in this post are from that camera. They were taken with the GX7 and my Olympus 1.8/17mm. And from what little I was able to get, these three and others, the GX7’s image quality was just shy of incredible. I wish the GX7’s handling was better than it was, but it was so bad for me that I returned the camera. My review of the camera is here:


I’m not normally in a regretful mood, but right now, I truly wish I could have kept the GX7. I purchased the Olympus E-M10 in its place, and at the time, for about $50 less than the GX7 on sale. I’m pulling together a small collection for a review of the E-M10 and the 1.8/17mm on Thew’s Reviews. The E-M10 is an excellent camera and I’m glad I have it, but there are the moments when I wish I could have kept the GX7.

old rubber duckThis little guy belonged to my girls when they were babies. They’re in their mid-to-late twenties now. I’ve given up a lot, but I refuse to give this little guy up because of the memories.