happy birthday max and ruby

August 25, 2014

ice cream chow downAugust is the birthday month for Max and Ruby. We make a big fuss over them by taking them for a ride in the car to a local McDonalds where we order a vanilla ice cream cone (no chocolate dip, thank you very much) and a napkins. Lots and lots of napkins.

Then we pull over to a parking slot and let the two eat their ice cream. That’s where all the napkins come into play. Keeps the puppy slobber and ice cream drips off the upholstery.

Max turned 14 this year. He’s not the oldest Lab we’ve ever had; that belongs to Katie (15 years) and the grand old man himself, Rhett, who was our first yellow and who lived to be 16.

Max is, however, unique in a number of ways. Max is the oldest lab who continues to want to go on walks. He’s no where near as fast, nor does he cover the same distance when he was younger. But he still goes out, day in and day out. Even when it storms he wants to go out somewhere.

And he’s “trained” Ruby to be just as demanding of a walk. She pushes for her walks just as much as he does. When we all go out together she’s always out front, pulling on the lead, while Max hangs back checking out all the smells.

It’s all part and parcel of owning dogs. We don’t dress them up, or treat them as little humans. But they do enjoy having them around, and they enjoy being around us. We make each other happy, and make life that much more pleasant. And in this day and time, it’s the most valuable gift we share.


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