May 25, 2014

olympus 1.8/17mm

I’ve been threatening to formally review the Olympus 17mm f/1.8 for a while now, but I’ve just not gotten around to it. It’s a superb optic with a subtlety that too many fail to appreciate. Our digital cameras and lenses have reached a point of sufficiency that is so far beyond 35mm film as to be almost unbelievable, and yet we still complain for more; more sharpness, more “micro contrast,” better bokeh, etc, etc, etc. The 1.8/17mm unfortunately falls into that category.

I love this lens not only because of its image quality, but also its physical quality: all-metal construction, subtly etched finishing, and compact size. It’s silent enough in operation as to be totally silent. It’s rattlesnake quick when focusing, even in low light on the E-M5. And f/1.8 is more than fast enough on an E-M5 or Panasonic GX1. I would have been quite satisfied with an f/2 maximum aperture on this lens if it would have resulted in even smaller size, but then, it would have been dinged by self-proclaimed experts for being too slow.

It’s a Goldilocks lens, just right.

When I have a better and wider selection worth posting, I’ll put up a proper review and a proper selection of photos to go with it on thewsreviews. Until then I’ll take my time savoring the use of this lens.

bell pepper tonal study
infant angel
red over the missouri