May 16, 2014

sunrail 104

Visiting my orthopedic surgeon so he could have a look at my left knee. I’ve been dealing with pain down my left leg that I now have under control with a prednisone six day dose pack. Since the pain was effecting everything including the knee, and I needed to see him anyway for my yearly, I went in. The knee is fine and after a day on the prednisone the pain is basically at bay, but not gone.

The office is at Florida Hospital. I knew that there was a SunRail station right at the hospital, but I’d forgotten about it until it came sailing past the doctor’s office complex when I stepped outside. I spent a few minutes with the camera walking around the station. While I was there a south-bound train showed up and made a stop. Right now it looks like a single train is made up of three passenger cars and an engine.

It’s good to see Orlando step up to the next stage of mass transit. Unlike other cities our light rail will be all above-ground. That’s what happens when the land is flat and sandy. Now if we can keep off sinkhole prone land.

sunrail car logo and doors
sunrail station north end

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    Glad to see train service is increasing in at least part of the U.S. Such a nice and colorful train.