vmware 6.0.2 arrives and fixes folder sharing problem with ubuntu 14.04

April 19, 2014

No sooner had I written about the folder sharing problem between Ubuntu 14.04 VM running with VMware Player 6.0.1 and the Windows 8.1 update 1 host than VMware 6.0.2 update arrived and fixed the problem. I was able to successfully build the vmhgfs driver, after which I could mount the C:\Share folder as /mnt/hgfs/Share under Ubuntu 14.04. You can see the screen capture of File’s view of Share.

3 responses to vmware 6.0.2 arrives and fixes folder sharing problem with ubuntu 14.04


    The folder sharing is still buggy. Even after the update, it doesn’t always work and I have already lost files. (Host: Windows 7; Guest: Ubuntu 14.04)



    Folder sharing still doesn’t work right. In fact it says the tools aren’t even installed now. I can’t change anything now.



      I know you’re frustrated, but I’m not clairvoyant. I have no idea:
      – what version of Windows you’re using or if your host is Windows
      – what is installed on your Windows host
      – how your Ubuntu is installed or configured
      – the obvious question: did you install VMware 6.0.2?

      And that’s just to start with.

      I’ve had odd problems with VMware in the past, especially with USB device sharing, that was solved with a re-installation of VMware.

      I’m not running a help disk here, but simply showing up and loudly announcing it doesn’t work without any other information will get you exactly zero support and sympathy.