cats. yes, i said cats

March 25, 2014

oh boy, a string!
yes, i'm cool

Tonight was a cat night. I needed the little guys to do their cat thing, and they may have picked up on that need. In Lucy’s case it was discovering a bag that I would have sworn was too small for her to fit into. She’s about 9 pounds soaking wet. But I thought she might like to play with it, so I just dropped it on the floor. Lucy loves to shred paper because of the sound. Instead she literally took a running dive into the bag, wiggled around so much she rolled herself over in the bag, and then popped her head out to look around. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t hold the camera steady. Lulu, the bottom photo, was too dignified to be any part of it.

I’m still working with black and white via Silver Efex Pro 2. After all this time I’m beginning to learn that harshness is not conducive to monochrome printing, but instead, softness. In particular I’m pulling the structure slider more and more to the left, with my typical structure preset on Silver Efex at -30. What was surprising was the last photo. Although I have my E-M5 set to no contrast and natural color, the light was such that I had to pull contrast out of the photo even more in post, both in Lightroom and Silver Efex Pro.

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    Great shots!