donut philosophy throughout history

Heraclitus You can’t eat the same donut twice.
Plato All donuts share an ideal ‘donut-ness’.
Aristotle A donut contains its donut-ness.
Augustine Donuts need grace to be fully donut.
Descartes A donut’s hole proves the existence of the donut.
Locke Donuts taste good  to me.
Hume Donuts exist because I imagine donuts.
Kant A ‘donut’ equals my total experience of donuts.
Wollstonecraft Women deserve donuts, too.
Mill Donuts are good if they make people happy.
Kierkegaard I have faith that donuts are delicious.
Marx Everybody deserves donuts.
Nietzsche Stop at nothing to get your donut.
Saussure Beignet/Krapfen/Ciambella/Buñuelo = ‘Donut’.
Wittgenstein Fried pastry, zero, parking lot spin, spare tire.
Beauvoir Patriarch is responsible for the shape of the donut.

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