because i can

A conflating of inspiration sources; some from atmtx, some from Tammy Lee Bradley, and perversely, some from The Online Photographer and his reprint of ‘Give That Cat the Boot‘, which I first read on Luminous Landscape. Perhaps Mike is trying to be helpful, but I have always taken it the wrong way, the nattering of the “I know better than you” photographer that drives me up the wall. And more’s the pity I should get so wound up over this article, because Mike writes very well (well enough I consider him a Writing Standard) and his photography selections are at times stellar. But this particular article is like waving a red flag in front of a bull; it just makes me want to charge the idiot that’s slewing it around, like showing this article. So I go grab my camera and look for the cats, which just annoys them as well. But then I tell them about this article and they commiserate with me. Perhaps one day I will self-analyze why I feel the way I feel. Sounds like a blog post subject…

First the cat photos. One of Lucy and one of Lulu.

eye see youdeep in slumberAnd then a couple of freebees. They’re here because I happen to like the way they look.

rain and leafabstract signageI haven’t post processed anything substantive from my Olympus cameras since late December. I also haven’t done much with any of my OM lenses. I grabbed the old silver snoot OM G.Zuiko 50mm f/1.4 and starting just playing around. Nothin highfalutin. Just me out with a manual focus lens set wide open (or slightly closed in broad daylight to avoid over exposing). The upper cat photos were post processed in Silver Efex Pro (I like the tones of black and white sometimes), while the two lower color photos are JPEGs straight out of the camera. All of them taken with the E-M5.