the feline part of the science lab

January 11, 2014

All the best science fiction adventure stories have an animal in it. A dog. A cat. A minidragon named Pip. Lucy has a bit of minidragon attitude. Or I’d like to think she does.  As I was watching some old episodes of Fringe, preoccupied with trying figure out how some of the screwier plot lines link up, Lucy slipped onto my lap. With nothing but my cell at hand I grabbed a few “snaps” (how I so dislike that term) of her. I tried more VSCO Cam post processing.

I’ve managed to find a black-and-white setting (B1) as well as setting the grain to 6 that gives me an almost mid-twentieth-century look, like I used to get with 35mm Tri-X. I think I actually like it. I’ll keep that in mind for the future.
The color photo is almost like a sepia; it’s still one of the VSCO color settings (M5) with -2 exposure correction and +12 vignetting.

I don’t know if I should give up on this. I guess I’m just too stubborn.