ramen ya

January 1, 2014

ramen shopLunch was outside and around the corner from Yodobashi Camera in a literal hole-in-the-wall restaurant. Tucked into the side of the much larger building, this particular ramen ya was barely wide enough for a bar to sit at, a walkway behind the bar to serve the customers, and the kitchen at the end of the serving bar. And it turned out to be popular. While we were inside eating the place filled up and a queue formed outside
in the ramen yamiso ramenraman lunchOne of the side benefits of eating udon and miso ramen was (finally!) learning how to handle chopsticks. At least, I handled them well enough not to starve and dribble food down my front.

Personally I find I love both udon and ramen with the right ingredients. Which means, for me, no udon quite like the first night. I like my noodles in soup, and the soup a bit spicy and all the extras, such as the small piece of pork. It was windy and icy cold that Thursday in Sapporo, and that ramen was just about perfect.