of cats in fish

lulu channels noahWith all the sturm und drang I tend to spew about in my postings, I tend to forget about the lighter moments of humor all about. Lulu in the belly of the cloth fish is one of those moments.

We tend to dote on the little four-footed characters that share our home with us. This Christmas we decided to get all three cats new bedding (because they really needed new bedding), so on a lark we purchased three of the fish beds (one of which you see above) as a way for the cats to sleep in something clean again, and to simultaneously satisfy their desire to have a safe place to hide. Lulu was the first to figure out how to use the new bedding. Of the three cats, Lulu seems to be the brightest, always figuring out one puzzle after another well before the other two.

As the old saying goes, the more I know people, the more I love my cats/dogs.

If you’re interested, these beds were purchased from wag.com.