i have been a stranger in a strange land

December 24, 2013

ChitoseMapFrom 28 November to 14 December past, I traveled to Chitose, Japan on business. I worked twelve hour days for nearly the entire time I was there, leaving me very little personal time. My Toronto friend Matthew Robertson (of thewsreviews) has been patiently waiting for me to write what little I can about my trip so that he can “live vicariously” through me. Over the next three or four posts I will be writing about that trip and illustrating with some of the photos I took during the trip.

The first two posts will be re-posts of material I originally posted on blogbeebe. I’d actually written those posts while in Chistose, which turned out to be something of a mistake. For all its technological proficiency, network connectivity in Japan, especially free connectivity, is pretty poor. You either pay for your connectivity or you do without. I wound up doing without the majority of the time I was there, especially my wireless AT&T phone. I couldn’t upload very much content to Flickr, and what little I could took nearly forever to finish. In the end I actually moved it up to Google and added it to the Blogger posts.

The last post (or last two, or more) will be all new material.

With the re-posts I will be staging the photography on Flickr allowing me greater control over the content. I will also be cleaning up the prose a bit. The first two posts will cover the first 48 hours I was traveling to, and the first day recovering in, Chitose. There’ll be a big gap until the trip to Saporo, and then little more after that. The new material will cover Saporo and the final trip home.

It was on Sunday 1 December that I started the task I was sent to execute, and I didn’t finish until Wednesday, 11 December. I worked every day without break during the period. It wasn’t until the 12th that I was able to actually travel north to Saporo, and the next day, the 13th, it snowed pretty steadily, enough to keep me from traveling a second time out of Chitose. I also spent the 13th repacking and preparing to check out the following day for my trip back home.

The title is taken from the King Jame’s Version Exodus 2:22