june caturday

Napping Gingers
Beau on the right holds Nicholas, while Luke snoozes in the back on towels

Thundery Saturday. Tropical depression Arlene, which formed in the eastern Gulf, is heading south out of the Gulf and over the western tip of Cuba (now that’s a switch!). While that’s happening, the storm is pulling rain bands across central and south Florida. Meanwhile the cats are finding spots all over to nap while the rains and the thunders pass over us. It’s going to be interesting at 2am tomorrow morning when everybody decides it’s time to play.

starlink coverage over central florida is still missing

Starlink coverage as of 2 June 2023

It’s been one year (3 June 2022) since I wrote that I’d dropped my Starlink reservation, which I’d been holding on to since paying for it in February 2021. Just for grins and giggles I checked Orlando’s Starlink coverage again at https://www.starlink.com/map . Sure enough, the area around Orlando all the way up Florida was on the “waitlist.” Hover your mouse pointer over the waitlist area and a pop-up displays “Coming in 2023.” Back in 2022, when I bailed, the map said Starlink coverage for Orlando was coming mid-2022. So here we are one year later, and nothing has changed.

I also wrote in 2022 that my terrestrial internet provider was giving me 200Mb download speeds and costing me about $100/month. In May of this year, my terrestrial service was upgraded to 500Mb download and my cost dropped to $75/month. This is just basic service without TV, as neither my wife nor I watch any TV channels. If we watch anything, it’s streaming from several services, two of which we are seriously considering dropping (more on that in a later post). My terrestrial land line boost is the more remarkable because Starlink’s satellite download speeds have been dropping slowly but steadily due to increasing customers and increased customer demand. I sincerely doubt that Starlink is going to be the major money maker Musk originally touted it as. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone at this point.


i’m waiting on starlink no more