a second raspberry pi 3 arrives

You’re looking at my second Raspberry Pi 3. It arrived in the mail yesterday along with a case and a version 2 camera module. The new RPi 3 replaces the older RPi 2 I photographed just a few days before. Turning on the RPi 3 was as easy as pulling the micro SD card with Arch Linux out of the RPi 2, plugging it into the new RPI 3, powering it up, and sshing into the new machine. I was very impressed with how the WiFi configuration for the RPi 2 worked for the RPi 3. The Linux kernel detected and used the proper driver for the WiFi hardware built into the RPi 3. It was so simple.

It’s late and I’m tired, and another long day awaits tomorrow.

contemplative photography

I’m working with every camera I have in my possession as much as possible, especially the camera built into the iPhone 6s Plus. Both of these were taken using the iPhone within walking distance during lunch today, one at a local Wendy’s and the other at a Pollo Tropical. I’ve been influenced in part by Miksang contemplative photography, and more significantly by Matthew Robertson of Toronto Canada. It’s Matthew that got me interested in reading the Miksang book “Looking and Seeing.” I’ve tried, on and off, to follow the philosophy but it seems I don’t quite get it. I certainly appreciate the work of those that do, such as Matthew.

Regardless, there are times in Florida where the broad daylight is glorious. This was one of those days, and I happened to see these two perspectives. In a way I don’t care if their “official” Miksang or not.

pet alliance of greater orlando

pet alliance of central florida

The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando is the replacement for the ASPCA of Greater Orlando. My wife and I came across a little showing of the group while we were out and about Saturday. They’d set up in Bar Louie on Sand Lake. The group responsible for Pet Alliance has as one of its goals, total transparency as a non-profit. I also discovered that they’re now a no-kill shelter. That’s something I care deeply about. I was there only a few moments, but we purchased a few items, made a small donation, and I grabbed some four-footed photos.

flower child
beers and barkers

I have a very strong attachment to my animals that carries over to those of other people. It’s why I’m attracted to organizations like Pet Alliance. Having pets makes me more human because it brings out the “better angles” of my nature. I am always saddened and horrified by stories of abuse against animals of all types. We humans have such a terrible and destructive power over all other creatures on this planet. As I grow older my desire to protect them as as much as possible grows stronger, especially from the indifferent and cruel parts of humanity. Both my grown girls have pets, and their partners have pets as well. They were born into, and grew up with pets in our household. My wife and I set a good example with a loving environment for both girls and Labs (as it was Labs we’ve had). It took hold with the girls.

Here’s to Pet Alliance’s success, now and forever in the future.

wet ‘n wild’s end is nigh

the old water park

Wet ‘n Wild’s end is slowly approaching. Owned by Universal since 1998, Universal is planning to close this waterpark for good the end of this year. Wet ‘n Wild has had a remarkable run since first opening in 1977, when it was literally just about the only really big spot on International Drive, and I-Drive south of Sand Lake was a totally undeveloped two-lane road. Wet ‘n Wild has always been a busy spot, and continues to be a busy spot. It’s not like the crowds have dropped off; go there on any day and the parking lot is full and the park is full of people waiting to slip and slide down its various water rides.

the new water park

Universal is currently building a new water park, Volcano Bay, next to it’s Cabana hotel (seen in the background) on Turkey Lake and Wallace Road. That’s at the Sand Lake exit on I-4, two exits west of the Wet ‘n Wild exit on I-4 and Kirkman. The claim is that Volcano Bay will open early 2017, which, if true, would have it open in the Spring. I have no idea how big it will be compared to Wet ‘n Wild. When it does open, and if it is as big an attraction as Wet ‘n Wild currently is, then the traffic coming through Turkey Lake, especially from the Sand Lake/Turkey Lake intersection will be horrific. Which is something like long-time residents such as myself aren’t happy to see; traffic is bad enough already.

Why Universal chose this layout is a mystery, at least to me. Wet n’ Wild is directly across from Universal Studios on I-4. They could have just as easily rebuilt Wet ‘n Wild and added a special bridge to link the main park with Wet ‘n Wild. Universal owns over 50 acres in that are that include Wet ‘n Wild, so I guess we’ll get to see what Universal has in store for the park once it’s close for good.

widely wordpress theme is a keeper (for at least a while)

One key feature that makes this theme a keeper is its rendering of in-post source code. Look at the immediate post to this one with its Go code. That same article renders correctly now on my iPhone and iPad. I know I wrote I wanted to add some things to the overall look and feel, but I think I’ll just leave well enough alone. It’s simple, clean, and everything Just Works the way I’ve always wanted it to.